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Wake Up With Lloyd McClendon Straight Up Jacking First Base After Being Ejected
An absolute classic moment happened 18 years ago yesterday. Lloyd McClendon, manager of the Pittsburgh Pirates at the time, comes out to argue a bang-bang play at first base. He and the umpire did not see eye to eye on the call and Mr. McClendon decided to take matters into his own hands. Lloyd says some magic words and gets an early shower. He does the classic hat throw, he follows the umpire for a little bit, yells in his face, the usual. He then plays another hit, the dirt kick, but then he goes into uncharted territory. He picks up first base, like the actual base, and decides he wants it for himself. He walks the base all the way down into the dugout and throws it down the hall. You could tell the umpire wanted to laugh and smile, but he had to play it cool. What an all-time move by Lloyd.
I really do love this move, I'm surprised we haven't seen it since. I know those bases are a bitch to get out, but you'd think someone would have done it in the last 18 years. Stealing the base really drives the point home. This isn't a normal protest and ejection, one of the groundskeepers has to go find another base and sprint out to the field to get it put in. Kudos to Lloyd McClendon for pulling out this old trick.