Some Of Tekashi 6ix9ine's Jewelry Is Now For Sale While He Sits Behind Bars, What A Damn Shame!

SOURCE – The music world has been moving forward just fine without Tekashi 6ix9ine. The Brooklyn-based rapper is currently spending time behind bars while he awaits his racketeering trial to begin. The rainbow-haired sensation was once one of the most popular artists in the world, bragging about how many Billboard songs he had charted and releasing some of 2018’s biggest bangers. The “GUMMO” rapper’s music career is in jeopardy and depending on what he does when/if he gets out of prison, he likely won’t be able to stunt with loads of flashy jewelry anymore. One of his former jewelers decided that he wanted to sell one of the Cuban link chokers that Tekashi commissioned him to design before getting locked up, breaking it up into different pieces and giving up his phone number to potential clients.

As reported by RapCurrent, Trax NYC is selling one of 6ix9ine’s old pieces. The jeweler decided that, since 6ix9ine can no longer stick to his side of their deal (he had agreed to promote the business on social media), he would be offering up a little slice of hip-hop history. Explaining in a video, Trax NYC says that he cut up the Cuban link necklace that Tekashi ordered, selling it in sections to anybody who’s down to spend some cash. The piece was originally meant as a gift for 69, explaining that the only thing he wanted in return was promotion.

If you want to own some of Tekashi’s jewelry, check out the post below and call the phone number to inquire about pricing.

OH NOOOOOOOO! Tekashi is having his jewelry sold because he couldn’t live up to his contractual social media obligations because he’s in jail?! How sad! You really hate to see it happen to such a down to earth and level headed guy.

On the other hand, is this jeweler a moron or a genius? I’m gonna go genius based on the fact that he is the true definition of a capitalist. This man broke the chain up, cut the cuban links into small pieces and is selling it like a collectors item! That is just brilliant. He was only getting paid for the chain in form of social media promotion so fuck it, might as well milk something out of the jail bird piece. When I first saw the opening picture for the video I thought he was selling a framed pictured of Tekashi with a little piece of the chain like it was a picture of Mickey Mantle with a little piece of his game worn jersey.

Halfway through writing this blog I didn’t even realize this crazy bastard made a 10 minute video talking about this marketing plan and how it all went down. I only watched the first 38 seconds of the video but I bet he says some pretty zesty shit in there. Not to mention he is the living embodiment of what every jeweler has ever looked like. Slicked back hair, t-shirt and suit jacket with jeans and a chain, he’s not white but no one knows what nationality he actually is. This man was literally crafted by god to sell jewelry. Who knows, maybe this Traxnyc can fill the loss of having Tekashi on instagram. Piece of shit human being or not, he was electric on Instagram.