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I Think The MLS Has To Fold After This Wayne Rooney Goal

You cannot have guys who are too old to be playing in other leagues coming down to your League and hitting shots from 80-yards out and call yourself a real league. You just can’t. I don’t make those rules, but I’ve never seen someone pull up from beyond midfield and let one rip with so much confidence that it was a good shot. Like remember when LaMelo Ball first hit the internet and was pulling up from halfcourt routinely? That was less cocky than this was. Rooney touched it once, remembered that he had zero respect for MLS goalies, and ripped one. I have no clue how large a soccer field is in comparison to football. It seems larger so I’m going to assume that was no less than a 75-yard boot to the back of the net. The MLS didn’t have the longest run but boy oh boy it’s hard to imagine a better ending than the world record for longest intentionally attempted and successful goal.