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UPDATE: The Real Guy Fieri Vs. "Real" Guy Fieri Case Is Heating Up

Last week I asked will the real Guy Fieri please stand up and since then we’ve had a rollercoaster of developments that for potential legal reasons we’ll call “coincidences.” The SparkNotes version of it is that a Guy Fieri imitator is claiming the real Guy Fieri is imitating him and that he’s the real Guy Fieri because “real” guy Fieri really just stole his look from this “fake” Guy Fieri in the 1st place. So imitation Guy Fieri is actually the real Guy Fieri and the fake Guy Fieri has just been imitating the “fake” Guy Fieri all these years. Here’s a quick timeline of the events from the beginning to the end (?) for those just tuning in.

After someone so kindly agreed to give in and hit publish on my blog, the off-brand Fieri cOiNciDeNtaLLy started taking over billboards left and right moments later.

While others suffered from the truth.

Hate to see it of course.

And then apparently Team Fieri caught wind that the facts were out. Per the local Facebook neighborhood watch group:

By the grace of God knockoff Fieri has since been found, but The Guy Fieri industry has now gone 90’s West Coast/East Coast Hip-Hop on us. Can’t help but think this is my fault. The truth will set you free they said. Causeal reminder to any of Fieri’s men reading this right now that I’m an innocent third-party in all this. If I go missing you’ll all know exactly where to find me though. “Fake” Fieri says fake Fieri had nothing to do with this, but I can read from a teleprompter too. The truth always comes out undefeated in the end so until then.

In all seriousness, I hope everyone’s all right here and that we can handle this like adults, a.k.a RnR: The Guy Fieri (plural) Match. I’d tell you to stay tuned, but I’m really pushing the envelope on weird blogs this week, so stay tuned on staying tuned.