The One Button Swag Is The New Hot Look Of The Summer

Our fearless leader David Portnoy has been on an absolute warpath blasting some of our content employees for not dressing up enough for last nights Barstool Awards presented by the Dunkin. One look that got El Presidente’s approval and was turning heads all over the red carpet was none other than The One Button Swag. It’s sleek, its cool, it’s breezy, it’s stylish and it’s the perfect look for the summer.

Buttoning all the way to the top? That’s for old, bald fucks (yeah I’m talking about you, Large). It’s 2019 let the chest breathe! And not only do I want you letting the chest breathe. I want you going all the way to the bottom. The only condition is just one button done at the bottom so you can show some significant skin but also still pieces it together. Some are referring to it as the reverse cholo. Plus if you haven’t gotten your summer body ready yet it gives the belly plenty of room to operate without flashing the gut.

After last night’s showing I think I have no choice but to officially declare the One Button Swag (not to be confused with Pretty Boy Swag) as the new hot look of Summer 2019. Don’t take it from me, the people have spoken.

It’s a look not only for units, but for everyone. Units will pull it off better though thats just a fact. Some are saying I looked like a White Suge Knight. #UnitsRespectUnits