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If You Haven't Seen 'Into The Spider-Verse', Today Is The Day To Change That

Ladies and gentlemen – given ‘Into The Spider-Verse’ hit Netflix TODAY, I’d say the time is now to give one of the greatest superhero movies of all time a watch if you haven’t already! Don’t count it out just because it’s animated. Don’t just assume it’s a movie made for kids and nobody else. Give the first nine minutes of the flick a watch here…

…and then head home later, whip up a nice bowl of movie theater butter popcorn, maybe crack open a cold one or do a little marijuana if that’s your thing, and enjoy one of the most unique, heartfelt, funny, and exciting movies the superhero genre has ever seen.

Honestly, I haven’t recommended ‘Into The Spider-Verse’ to anybody who didn’t love it. Even Ria of all people came back from the theater and went on record calling it her favorite movie of 2018!

It’s a beautifully animated flick, sorta trippy, VERY comic book-y, the soundtrack is full of absolute jams, and John Mulaney plays Peter Porker, a spider who was bitten by a radioactive pig. If that don’t sell ya, I don’t know what will.

Give it a watch and then circle back to this blog and check out how they did some of the animation. Truly fascinating shit…