My Apology To Dave + A Photoshop Of Him With An American Flag, Pizza, Money, Tom Brady, A Jaws Poster, Michigan Baseball And Clown Nose Goodell


Dear Dave (this is not satirical by the way),

I am sorry I didn’t dress up for the Barstool Awards (also apologies to Dunkin, the sponsor), which made me look like a disrespectful douche. I am an idiot. No excuses. Thank you for giving us a job and I will use the money on a very high-end, trendy suit next year. Please enjoy this photoshop.

— Jeff D Lowe

P.S. – Go Michigan tonight, the Big Ten is all behind you (I am speaking for all teams… minus Rutgers and Maryland, you guys really aren’t Big Ten schools, sorry)

SIDE NOTE: I am already thinking of wearing this velvet outfit next year


SIDE NOTE AFTER THE SIDE NOTE: I have no idea if this was a good idea, could backfire, but it’s also a great photoshop