Check Out BJ Penn Fighting Some Strip Club Bouncer In The Street

Jeeeeeez, man. It’s tough to watch the downfall of a legend like this.

First, it was the abomination that is, then it was the un-retirement that has consisted of four straight dominant losses, during which “The Prodigy” was hit with a domestic abuse allegation and restraining order by the mother of his children, and now he’s fighting strip club bouncers in the streets of Honolulu. This man was an icon just a few short years ago, and now he’s the laughing stock of the internet. Just another washed up MMA fighter getting himself into trouble with the likely association of drugs and alcohol. It just sucks, flat out.

Nice to see BJ back in the W column, though!

P.S. What the fuck was this guy thinkin’ with these cheap shots?