The Secret Service Is Sweeping Chicago After Eric Trump Got Spit On Last Night At A Super Rich & Fancy Bar

Aviary is super nice. It’s a bar. Some people will call it a Lounge. They make swanky Cocktails with Spirits that are wayyyyy more expensive than this great tasting less filling miller lite. It’s in the West Loop and if you go, you should probably wear a blazer or other type of fancy coat with your Other Pair of jeans. It’s a good place to go if you need to be important and cool to have sex. It’s not my scene because I can’t readily afford it and be better than you. So I have to act like it’s not my scene when really I would probably murder every fucking cocktail on that list long ways and back.

That’s Aviary.

It’s owned by this guy:

Which one is Eric?

PS – Mary Ann Ahern is the GOAT