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Wake Up With Javy Baez Flying Around The Bases For An Inside-The-Park Two-Run Homer
Look at El Mago flying around the bases. Guy legit plays like his hair is on fire. He blasts a ball to deep right center, takes his time looking at it too. It hits off the brick wall and that is where things get weird. It rolls and rolls and Javy runs and runs. He can fly, so it's no shock that he was about to be at third by the time the outfielder finally corralled the ball. The throw actually beats Javy to the plate, which is impressive in itself, but Baez is such a master at sliding, he's able to get right in there and beat the throw. Barely, I mean centimeters away from being out. Maybe if he doesn't watch it for a few seconds he'd have been in there standing up, but that isn't in El Mago's bag of tricks. This is a perfect Javy play, just balls to the wall.