The Indians Gave Up 5 In the 9th To Lose For The First Time This Decade Because We Were JINXED!

Okay so I have a really big test tomorrow at 10 am that I’ve been studying pretty hard for. It’s 4 hours long, with 4 essays. Anyways, I was trying to do a last second cram session tonight with the Indians on in the background, and when Naquin hit a 2-run bomb to put us up 5-3 in the 6th, I figured it was time to focus solely on studying (notice the time of the tweet). Especially when I saw the Indians senior writer for The Athletic tweet this out (notice the time of the tweet).

I’ll take 1% of the blame for what ensued afterwards since I turned off the game, and I think Zack should take the other 99%. Talk about the jinx of all jinxes! We’re trying to win our 5th straight game and get all up into the Twins’ ass, and we’ve got people messing with the baseball gods.  And well….you all know what happens after a tweet like that. A 0 out, 5 run 9th for our closer, capped off by a grand slam to give up the lead.

Hey Zack, I love reading your shit but maybe wait until after the game to say something like that next time. That was a big ballgame for our Tribe tonight. We were ROLLING. Now the winning streak starts over at 0. And those damn Twins are winning tonight, too.

I guess the only good news that could come out of tonight is that maybe teams will get off our dicks about adding Brad Hand at the deadline. We are NOT SELLERS. But to be clear, I’m still a huge Brad Hand fan. Nobody’s perfect.