Blogs For Dogs: Bid On A Pizza Review With Me And Join Us Tomorrow Night In Brooklyn To Help Good Boys And Girls

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*photo above is NOT a thirst trap*

As you guys know, we’ve partnered with Social Tees to raise money for good boys and girls. There’s a bunch of ways you can contribute either through the silent auction, buying t-shirts, or our event tomorrow night.

We’ll be at Pig Beach in Brooklyn tomorrow from 6-9 PM to raise money and awareness for Social Tees.  A bunch of us from Barstool will be there, and there will be plenty of dogs to play with and maybe even adopt if you fall in love.

You can also bid on a bunch of awesome experiences, with the best obviously being a pizza review with me. Check all that out here on eBay


If you can’t afford the auction or can’t make it out to Brooklyn tomorrow night, you can always contribute by buying our Blogs For Dogs t-shirt. 100% of net proceeds go to Social Tees.


So there’s plenty of ways to get involved for this awesome cause. There’s nothing better than helping out dogs.

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