If You Watched Giannis' MVP Speech And Video There's A Solid Chance You Cried Your Eyes Out

Unless you hate your family or simply refuse to tear up, this combo of speech and video will have you crying your eyes out. Go ahead. Call me soft. I don’t care. Perhaps it comes with old age and fatherhood. Regardless just look at Giannis. Seeing a dude like that break down while talking about his family is a trigger for crying.

That’s the other thing. It’s easy to forget that these absolute stars and also just humans. Throw in Giannis’ story and he’s easy as hell to cheer for. He grew up without being a true citizen because his parents moved from Nigeria to Greece. He also grew up poor. It’s not like he was loaded and always had help around him.

You can see the emotion from that in the speech. But, the video the Bucks put out is a great touch too. It’s wild to see how much he’s literally grown from when he was drafted to now winning MVP. Also hilarious that people still have no idea how to pronounce his last name.

So have yourself a good cry. Don’t fight it.