RJ Barrett Is Already Talking About Recruiting Zion Williamson To The Knicks


SNY- The Knicks may have lost out on the Zion Williamson sweepstakes, but the man they drafted instead believes he could one day lure him to New York. Knicks’ first-round draft pick RJ Barrett, who was Williamson’s teammate at Duke, said on The Michael Kay Show Monday that he hopes to one day play together with Williamson. “Hopefully, one day we’ll be on the same team,” Barrett said. “That’s my brother, I’ll try and recruit him over.”

Just as I deleted all my Photoshops of Zion Williamson in a Knicks jersey and mentally prepare myself to do the same with the Kevin Durant Photoshops, RJ Barrett goes out and gives Knicks fans that beautiful, irrational, hopeless hope that defines us as a fanbase. Now we can hang on every interaction between Zion and RJ on social media for the next 5 years, constantly talk up their friendship at Duke, and do the usual talk about how being the savior of the Knicks in a market like New York would be gold for Zion’s #brand. I was ready to retire RJ’s number just for being happy to be a Knick and saying he saw Endgame three times in theaters. But if he can recruit Zion to New York, he may go down as the greatest Knick ever.

Who cares that Zion hasn’t even signed his ROOKIE contract yet or that the Pelicans have a chance to become a fucking dynasty if the Lakers crash and burn over the next 5 years? That’s not how we think or talk as fans of THIS LEAGUE. The Knicks only had a 14% chance of winning the number 1 pick. But once you stack up all those factors that definitely will definitely be very important to Zion’s decision half a decade from now, I’d say Zion to the Knicks has roughly a 100% chance of happening. 110% if you remember the quote Zion gave as to why he decided to go to Duke.

Damn it feels good to have this picture back in my life.


Blogger’s Note: Yes I know exactly how ridiculous this is. But I need this stupid delusional bullshit right now as a Knicks and Mets fan considering how quickly this summer can go Red Wedding for both franchises