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Live Look At The Warriors Haters That Have Been Getting Their Jokes Off Since Game 6 Of The Finals:


What do you do when Klay Thompson tears his ACL and Kevin Durant pops his Achilles likely on his way out of town? Sign a guy who has a wetter jumper than both of those Hall of Fame legends combined with only a sliiiiiiight downgrade in defense. Everything about this signing feels right, down to Steph being a good leader and giving up his number to Jimmer in this Photoshop as Steph was pretty much Jimmer 1.0 in college.

See, some Photoshop rumors DO come true, Knicks fans!

I feel like the only reason Jimmer didn’t become a Warrior sooner in life is that the NBA outlawed pairing Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and Jimmer Fredette together before Jimmer even entered the league as a way to safeguard against an unbeatable superteam that could rain fire from above that could only be rivaled by the original Targaryen dynasty. You can even tell me that the NBA stopped Steph and Jimmer from forming a supersaturated version of the Splash Brothers by having the Bucks take Jimmer 1 pick before the Warriors took Klay back in 2011. Regardless, the minute Klay’s ACL exploded, the Dubs were plotting on exposing a loophole in the CBA and adding the Mormon Megalodon™ to get buckets from anywhere on the court along with Steph. Teams are going to have to unleash a full-court press against Golden State every game just to guard the Warriors two guards while they are in their range, which is all 94 feet of hardwood.

Some people may ask if the Warriors would still win all those titles if Jimmer was a Warrior instead of Klay this whole time? Some will say no, others will say yes (Jack Mac). But I wonder if the Warriors would have won that infamous Game 7 in 2016 against the Cavs if they had Jimmer or if they would have just taken care of business in Game 6 instead with Jimmermania fueling the franchise instead of the usual legendary Game 6 Klay.

Hopefully Jimmer doesn’t forget his roots on his way to a half dozen or so championships and All NBA nods now that he is in the basketball home he was supposed to always be in. If you haven’t already watched his video with Donnie, you are required to do so before Jimmer’s first summer League Game tips and watch it again before he wins his first Finals MVP in June.

Speaking of the other legend from the Far East, here is Donnie’s official statement on the signing.