"Wherever LaVar Ball Is There's A Village Missing An Idiot" - Charles Barkley Gets His Shots In When It Comes To LaVar Ball

Well I’m sure this will go over well. I’m sure LaVar Ball will hear these quotes and react in a totally calm and controlled manner. If there’s one thing we know to expect from LaVar it’s that he does NOT like attention and always takes the high road in situations like these. What I loved was Chuck making it clear that he doesn’t talk about LaVar Ball only to then immediately talk about LaVar Ball and get his shots in. The thing is Chuck is a different breed than some of the other talking heads that will give their thoughts on LaVar. Chuck is a man that you know is not afraid to whoops that ass if things got to that point.

As we know LaVar has been in the “news” as of late for everything he did on First Take  which ultimately led to him being banned from ESPN, and something tells me he will not have an invite waiting for him to join the fellas on the Inside The NBA set any time soon. Listen, Chuck says a lot of crazy shit in his day to day life, especially with a camera in his face but honestly you can’t really argue anything he said here. You really do feel for Lonzo because by now he has to be tired of all this shit, especially with how BBB ended up working out. Sadly though you’re kidding yourself if you think we’ve heard the last from LaVar. That’s now how this works, that’s now how any of this works.

If I had to guess? There are cameras already in route to track him down and get his reaction to these Barkley comments. Maybe he’ll throw some shade about Chuck never winning a title, or getting arrested, maybe call him fat or something, really the sky is the limit to what he’ll throw out there in an effort to stay in the headlines and be relevant. Hell it’s working because here I am blogging it, but only because I love Chuck and nothing he said was false. If there’s one thing Chuck has been it’s consistent when it comes to LaVar. He’s hated him for years, and these two went back and forth back in 2017 when Chuck challenged him to a game of 1 on 1, and LaVar said this

I say let’s stop beating around the bush here. These two don’t like each other and there’s one way to settle this. It’s time for these two to go get their asses in the ring and headline the next Rough N’ Rowdy.