Michigan Fans Aren't Actually Excited For The College World Series, Right?


So I was scrolling through Twitter yesterday and I stumbled across what I found to be a hilarious tweet from the University of Michigan Athletics account.

Wow, tough question. Where do I begin? There are so many instances where I fell in love again and again with the University of Michigan. Should I reply with the 62-39 cancellation of the Revenge Tour? Or maybe the 2006 1 vs. 2 matchup where Troy Smith hung 42 on them? Or JT’s clear first down? Nope….I know it’s crazy but I actually went with a non-Buckeye moment.

So I replied with that video of perhaps the most embarrassing loss in college football history. Figured I’d get a couple likes from my Ohio State buddies and my other friends in the top tier of Big 10 football like Michigan State and Penn State. But little did I know I would get some old fashioned Walmart Wolverine smack talk.

Oh my god, please tell me this is a parody account! They’re not actually talking trash about college BASEBALL are they? Oh how the mighty have fallen! Any Michigan fan that even watches tonight’s game is a disgrace to that once proud institution.

Let me put it to you all this way: This past April, The Ohio State University Women’s Synchronized Swimming team won the National Championship (their 3rd straight), and you didn’t hear one peep out of me. Not one iota. Why? Because a university as storied as Ohio State prides themselves on football, like Michigan once did. And with football, we win and lose with class. When we win every single year, we shake our opponents hands and wish them good luck in the Tax Slayer Bowl. If we were to ever lose, we’d shake their hand and congratulate them on a blind squirrel finding a nut every once in a while. That’s just what WE do. Class, honor, and integrity.

But Michigan? Michigan has resorted to finding other sports to pump their chest out about. Thrown football completely out the window. That’s like when you’re in high school and your team is getting their ass kicked by 40 points on your home field, and the students start chanting “Let’s Play Volleyball!”. Embarrassing. Flat out embarrassing.

But good luck to Michigan baseball tonight. If they win it all, they’ll be the first Big 10 Team to win the National Championship since….Ohio State did it in 1966. I will not be watching. I would rather win one Peach Bowl than 100 baseball National Championships.