A Mom & Son Were Attacked By A "Large Exotic Cat" In Central Illinois


Fox News - An Illinois woman and her child were hospitalized Sunday after they were attacked by a caracal, which is a large exotic cat that is often compared to a lynx, reports said.

Neither the mother or child were identified, but the attack occurred at about 11 a.m. in Bloomington, WMBD.com reported. The cat apparently escaped from a nearby home and was killed by police after it lunged at animal control officers, the report said.

The woman and her child were reportedly walking on the sidewalk when the animal lunged at the child. The mother intervened and both suffered scratches and puncture wounds, the report said.

I said on Dog Walk last week about how it’s an irrational fear of mine to get bit by a tick and contract Lyme Disease. It turns out that it’s not that irrational because many tick bites are now happening from gardening tools, bushes in your backyard, etc.

Well, another irrational fear of mine is to come in contact with a wild ass animal like a jaguar. I say it’s irrational, because for me it is. I’m not going hiking in Arizona or California. Fuck that. I don’t know how those people do that knowing that there are Mountain Lions that look like this up there:

mtn lion

That thing is shit pants city.

But, now all of a sudden it’s not that irrational as there’s something called a “caracal” that attacked two people in Central Illinois.

Look at this thing:

catIt may kinda look like a cute creature, but those things on top of its ears give out a big vibe of that dinosaur that killed Newman in Jurassic Park.

And before anyone freaks out – Yes, I know that this was someone’s pet and it got out. It’s not like they’re roaming around in the wild, but it’s starting to make me wonder just how many people have wild pets like these?

Remember when they found this alligator in a Lansing basement?


Thing was a monster that lived down there for 26 years.

Should it be a law that you have to let everybody on your block know that you have something like this? Go door to door and get a signature or some shit. That would really keep people on their toes.

Could you imagine if you knew that your neighbor had a big ass gator like this? You’d never walk into your backyard without a phone light blaring again.