The NBA Needs To Get Their Heads Out Of Their Asses When It Comes To Their Awards Show

Houston Rockets v Milwaukee Bucks

The NBA does a lot do things right (minus killing r/nbastreams you goddamn monsters). There are a ton of reasons why they are considered one of the more progressive leagues of the big four and their sport is growing like crazy. But without a doubt one of the stupidest things they do is how they handle their NBA awards. Let me ask you something under the impression you’re a basketball fan because you clicked on an NBA blog. Do you give two flying shits about tonight’s awards? I’m going to guess you give maybe enough of a shit to check into Twitter at some point to see who wins, but only because you’re really looking for free agency news.

It’s been 11 days since the NBA Finals ended on 6/13. The entire basketball world has moved on and has been balls deep in NBA free agency rumors for months now. Nobody gives a shit about this past season anymore, it’s all about looking ahead and where guys might end up and how that might shift the future of the league. Look at the NHL for example, their championship ended on 6/12 and they had their award show a week later. Call me crazy but those 4 extra days that the NBA has waited feels like an eternity. Shame on the league for making me give credit to the NHL for doing something better than them.

I also don’t think it’s a stretch that the actual show is pretty boring and it’s way more fun to just catch the reactions to everything on Twitter. Considering this is a regular season award show, has there ever been an explanation as to why this can’t happen before the playoffs even start? That shit ended on April 10th, games didn’t start until Saturday April 13th. There has to be a way to figure out how to fit it in there. The fact that we have to wait for this stupid award show in order to find out who the MVP is seems silly to me considering by now nobody really gives a shit. Harden? Giannis? Who cares! We can more about what Kawhi just ate at some restaurant in Toronto in the hopes it gives us clues about his free agency. It will forever seem silly to me that something that was voted on around two months ago just sits there until some random night in late June. Maybe just take a page out of the NFL’s book and just have it before the Finals start when people could actually still give a shit.

Maybe the league wants there to be a seamless transition from the playoffs, to the draft, to the award show, to free agency, to summer league and that’s why they have this thing so late, but that’s confusing. The NBA is now a 7/365 sport and guess what there would still be a shit ton of interest in the league if there were no award show tonight. The whole thing just needs to be scrapped and they need to start over, I think this may be the one thing all of basketball twitter agrees with, and that almost never happens.

Anyway, I had a blog about my picks for each category close to the end of last season, and this is what I’m rolling with

DPOY – Giannis

6MOY – Lou Williams

ROY – Luka Doncic

MIP – Pascal Siakam

COY – Mike Budenholzer

MVP – James Harden

I’m sure you may have a different list, but again who really gives a shit. There are more important things to focus on and until the NBA gets their heads out of their asses and moves this awards show up, that’s how it’s always going to be.