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These Kawhi To The Clippers Billboards In Los Angeles STINK Out Loud

Has a billboard ever worked in free agency? I know this has become a thing over the last 5 years or so, but has anyone directly referenced a billboard as a reason why they signed with a certain franchise? I’m leaning towards a heavy no.

Now, these Kawhi ones have popped up in Los Angeles? And

Image result for they stink gif

These are horrendous. That California license plate just with ‘Kawhi’ might be the worst billboard in the history of billboards. I know Kawhi is a boring guy, but he’s a fun guy. He’s said so himself. There’s nothing fun about that billboard.

Kawhi should ignore the Clippers strictly because of these billboards. I think him going to the Clippers would be awesome. Actually, I THOUGHT that. They are a fun, young team and getting Kawhi would put them as a favorite to win the West. And if the Clippers can do that there’s always a real chance for the Knicks. But now? Ignore them, Kawhi.