"That Is One Magic Loogie": We've Got Players Spitting On Each Other As The Women's World Cup Is Heating Up

Back and to the left. Back and to the left.


I’ve always been a little jealous of people who are really good at hockin’ loogs. It’s just not a skill that I ever really picked up. I spit like a child and it kind of just sprays everywhere. It’s not like I lose sleep over it or anything like that. I’m glad that being a loogie guy isn’t something that I make a habit out of being. But there are just some people who know how to spit like a champion.

Cameroon’s Augustine Ejangue is one of those people.

I mean just look at the velocity on that bad boy. I know that some people may say that England’s Toni Duggan overreacted a bit here, but when you take the velocity of that loogie and combine it with the proximity from which it came from, that spit probably hit her arm with the same amount of force as an actual bullet. You could make the argument out there that Toni Duggan got shot in the middle of the game. Could you imagine if a guy like Neymar got spit on like that in the middle of the game? Guy would hit the ground before the spit actually reached his arm and then he’d roll around on the ground for 45 minutes like he was fighting for his last breath.

Now at this point, I’ve watched that loogie on loop approximately 63 times. And from what I can see, I’m not sure if a direct hit was necessarily the plan here. Was it a reckless loog? Of course it was. I’m sure that Augustine Ejangue realized how close that arm was to her mouth and knew that there was a strong possibility that she would make contact with the spit. But to me it looks like she just had to let a loogie rip, tried to tuck it under Toni Duggan’s arm, but the trajectory was just a bit off. I guess we’ll never truly know. But as the age old saying goes–let he or she who has never had a loogie get away from them cast the first stone.