Cam Newton’s 1500 Offer to Move Seats Was Wildly Insulting

So Kmarko already blogged this but I can’t have a more different point of view on it.   Unless this was a shuttle from Boston to Nyc there is no chance I’m giving up an extra legroom seat for 1500 bucks.  Now I get that I’m rich and 1500 bucks is nothing to me.   I understand it’s a lot of money to a lot of people.   But here is the thing.   Cam is worth 100 million dollars.  1500 to him is a penny.   I don’t care how bad you need the money you can’t let yourself get bought for a penny.    Cam had to start the bidding at 5k minimum.   That’s still nothing to him, but it’s a respectful offer.   1500 is close to what the airlines offers you to take a later flight when they overlook the plane.  It’s an insulting offer from somebody that rich.  It’s spitting in your eyeball.  Cam was basically calling that guy worthless to his face.  That he can be bought for ashtray money.  You can’t sell your dignity and pride for that little.   You just can’t.   5k starting bid or get back in your tiny seat Cam.

Ps – When did Office Manager Brett become Cam’s personal assistant.   That’s the only way to explain these booking arrangements.