Arod Now Says He's Not Healthy Enough To Play, Sources Speculating He Could Use His Hip As Excuse To Retire

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NY Post – Alex Rodriguez informed Yankees officials in Tampa yesterday he isn’t ready to begin a minor league rehab assignment because his surgically repaired hip isn’t up to the task, a source told The Post last night. This despite Rodriguez tweeting a day earlier that he had been cleared to play in games by Dr. Bryan Kelly, the surgeon who operated on him in January. The tweet infuriated general manager Brian Cashman. “He is not ready to play in games,’’ a person with knowledge of the conversation said. “He is worried about his health.’’ The source also said he has heard speculation Rodriguez could use the hip problem to retire. That would allow him to collect the $114 million owed to him. Should Rodriguez retire because of a medical problem, he would avoid a possible suspension by MLB in the Biogenesis mess. The Yankees would also be able to collect 80 percent of the $114 million from insurance.

Might as well add insurance fraud to the list! You’ve already cheated in Major League Baseball. Already paid for evidence at the clinic so you could destroy it. Might as well go for the trifecta and scheme up some phony retirement to cash in on your $114 million. Its really a win-win for everyone. The Yankees are off the hook for 80% of the remaining money and Arod can ride off into the sunset and avoid another 5 years of ridicule. The problem is Arod tweeted how excited he is and how healthy he’s getting like 25 seconds ago. And Cashman has been squabbling with him about twitter like a 15 year old so everyone knows the relationship is tense as fuck. Pretty much a recipe for disaster when trying to pull off a 9-digit insurance fraud scam.

No, Yankees fans. You’re doomed for a long, drawn out, slow, painful conclusion to the Arod saga. There will be no voiding of contracts. There will be no insurance fraud retirements. Just another 4+ years at 30 million a year while Cashman contemplates suicide watching Alex Rodriguez suck all their money right into his pockets. Thats how this is gonna play out.