Apparently The Montreal Canadiens Just Drafted The Next Messi?

So when the Montreal Canadiens drafted Cole Caufield at no. 15 overall in the NHL draft tonight, according to NBC they actually draft the NHL version of Leo Messi.

I’m a big Cole Caulfield guy, the kid is legit. He is the best goal scorer in the draft hands down and broke basically every goal scoring record at the development program. I was shocked to see him fall all the way to #15 and it sucks that he ended up in Montreal, but what a steal for the Habs. I mean…they got the next Leo Messi.

I’m guessing NBC made the comparison because Messi is 5’7’’ as well and can score goals? I don’t know. They would have been better off just comparing him to Alex DeBrincat like everyone else has been doing for the past six months, not the best soccer player in the world. But what do I know.