Barstool Sports Dogs Of The Week


This week we’re celebrating the different breeds and mixes that make up Barstool Sports Dogs of the Week. Reason being is I was recently made aware by groundbreaking scientific discovery that the other half to my Part Boxer – Part Something is actually… sound the drum roll please….


Rhodesian-RidgebackApparently I come from South Africa and have a penchant for mischief and human companionship. In my spare time I’ve been known to chase off lions and can go up to 24 hours without water although I’d prefer you didn’t haze me like a Beta Theta Pi pledge.

Outside of that all I really want to do is sniff some ass, eat treats and chase shit for about 45 minutes a day. Rhodesian Ridgeback or not I think we can all agree that sounds like the good life.

Which mix are you

Have a nice weekend you filthy animals.