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WWE Superstar Sami Zayn Is Doing Some Seriously Awesome Stuff For Syria Right Now

Now this blog ain’t gonna be all that funny, necessarily – it’s a change of pace for sure – but it’s something I feel should definitely be highlighted.

I’m always on the WWE’s ass for their deal with Saudi Arabia, and all of the scummy stuff that goes on there, but when somebody within the WWE goes out and uses their platform for good, that should be represented on the blog as well. Sami Zayn has been doing that for a long time, and just recently relaunched his ‘#SamiForSyria’ campaign in which he’s attempting to launch a mobile clinic in Syria to provide life-saving medical care to Syrian refugees.

From the site…

The humanitarian crisis in Syria is getting worse by the day. The aerial bombardment campaign over northwestern Syria, has intensified, targeting civilian infrastructure and forcing more than 326,000 Syrians out of their homes since April 1. Thousands of families and children have fled the violence and are seeking safety in open fields or under trees, with no access to food, water, sanitation or healthcare. SAMS is one of the few remaining medical relief organizations on the ground providing life-saving medical care to innocent civilians caught in the crossfire in Northwestern Syria.

He’s at about $14,500 right now and looking to raise $50,000 altogether, which I think he could definitely achieve with a little help, obviously. Check out the site and the videos and please consider making a donation for one of From The Top Rope’s favorites.