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In The Craziest News You’ll Hear Today, The NHL Talked About Eliminating Offsides

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When Chris Johnston tweeted yesterday that the NHL was debating getting rid of offsides, I thought he was hacked. I thought there wasn’t a chance in France that the NHL was actually discussing the possibility of eliminating offsides, but apparently they did (kind of).

So the tweet from Johnston has since been deleted and he has tweeted the clarification that the NHL isn’t looking to completely get rid of the rule, but looking to make some significant changes to it.

I can’t wrap my head around a game of hockey being played without offsides. I don’t think guys like Phil Kessel would leave the offensive zone….ever. Like zero chance. They’ll get traded before they leave the offensive zone. I actually don’t think they could make a bigger rule change right now. That would change the entire game of hockey and scoring would increase ridiculously.

I understand why the NHL wants more scoring but I think it is as simple as eliminating the offsides review. If the refs miss it the offsides, then it’s a goal. Nothing causes more headaches for the NHL than this stupid fucking rule. It makes zero sense. The NHL wants more scoring yet they are taking goals off the board due to 1/8th of an inch of a skate being over the blue line.

An NHL will no offsides would be like NHL Hitz or arcade mode on NHL 19. People would just be running around killing each other scoring like 20 goals a game. I’d just park someone in front of the goalie the entire game and just tell my team to ice it.

It doesn’t look the NHL will be eliminating offsides completely but changes are coming. Bettman spoke with the media on Thursday and announced the changes that will take place next year.

  • If team about to go on the power play ices the puck, it will still begin the man-advantage with a face-off in the offensive zone.

  • A team that knocks off the net (accidentally or on purpose) leading to a stoppage will not be allowed a line change. The opposing team will be able to pick which offensive zone circle they want to use to take the ensuing face-off.

  • If a goalie knocks off the net on breakaway, it will result in an automatic goal for the attacking team.

  • If a shot on goal from outside the red line results in a frozen puck, there will be no line change allowed.

  • A player who loses his helmet will have to go to the bench or put the helmet back on properly before participating in play. The only exception is an immediate play on the puck. If a helmetless player makes a play on the puck, it will result in a minor penalty. (The chin strap does not need be done up.) (The Torey Krug Rule)

  • The coach’s challenge will be expanded to include reviews for black-and-white missed calls that should have resulted in a stoppage (hand passes, pucks in netting, high sticks) before a goal in the offensive zone.

  • Any unsuccessful coach’s challenge will result in a minor penalty for delay of game. A second unsuccessful challenge will result in a double minor.

  • Referees are required to review all major penalties to confirm the penalty classification. Majors can be changed to minor penalties, but they cannot be rescinded altogether.

  • Referees can rescind a double minor for high sticking if it’s determined the high stick came from a teammate. (h/t CBSsports)

Shout out to Torey Krug too who will basically be the last person to ever lose his bucket and be able to go lay someone out. Sucha shame. Every player dreams of scoring a no bucket goal, hair just flowwwwwwin.