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Leveon Bell’s 911 Call About The Two Girls Who Robbed Him Is Amazing

I would imagine being a 911 operator is one of the hardest jobs in the world, strictly because you have to maintain professionalism no matter what. You get a call from some 87 yr old grandma who’s calling to complain that her favorite TV show has been interrupted by the weather report, you gotta treat her with respect. Some hillbilly calls 911 because his 52 yr old same sex platonic roommate stole his last six pack, you gotta treat that as a real concern and talk them through it.

And when Leveon Bell casually drops that he had two naked 23 yr old hoes in his bed who robbed him of a MILLION DOLLARS, you gotta keep your composure and get the suspects physical make up. I mean that operator didn’t miss a BEAT. Completely unfazed by that figure. Not a hint of judgment in her voice when Leveon explained that he basically left two naked children in his house, alone. Cool, calm, and collected.

As was Big Lev! Dude was acting like they took a Casio and his government bonds his grandma got him for his First Holy Communion. Guy probably lost like 500k in cash and another 500 in jewelry and clothes and he was like “ehhh I guess I should call 911.” I think Lev just knows that’s the cost of doing business. It’s all relative money. He can afford to lose a mil so that’s just the price he paid for a threesome with 2 girls who are undoubtedly knockouts. It would be like if you found 2 naked 20-somethings in your bed right now and realized after the fact you lost like, I dunno, $2,500. You’d be freaking out and you’d be mad at yourself for being reckless but afterwards, when the dust settles, you’d be like “ah, it was worth it.” Gotta break a few eggs to make an omelet and you gotta lose a few bucks to fuck two girls with their combined age being like 45. That’s how the system stays in balance. Leveon got robbed so that the rookies and young bucks coming up behind him can have their own threesomes. Thots will keep thotting and guys will keep being stupid because of their penises. Money will exchange for pussy either legally or illegally, and the world will keep spinning.