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Kawhi Leonard Was Spotted Buying Moving Boxes At Home Depot

Ah NBA Free Agency, there really isn’t anything like it. Not when you’re a superstar free agent who just so happened to be the reason a franchise just won their first ever title. The second the clock struck zero the internet’s job of stalking Kawhi’s every move began. Some may think it’s lame, some may want people to leave these guys alone and let them live their lives in peace but come on, in 2019 that just isn’t going to happen. Every dinner these guys go to will be photographed, every regular ass trip to Home Depot will be captured and blasted out on the internet. That’s how it goes these days.

Now if you think this means Kawhi is 100% leaving Toronto, let’s just take a moment and look at all the scenarios. Remember this from a few weeks ago?

He talked about how he didn’t purchase a home in Toronto….yet. You could argue that he’s finally found that property and these boxes are just part of that move. That’s completely believable and may be the sliver of hope a nervous Raptors fan needs to read right now. I’d say that’s just as likely as the more juicy theory that he’s bouncing and those boxes are headed elsewhere. Although, it doesn’t exactly help that Woj had this to say during the Draft

Now just because you take a meeting doesn’t mean you’re leaving, but you also don’t take meetings if you’re 100% decided on staying in Toronto either. The one thing we know is Kawhi is leaving his current spot, probably some badass apartment, the question really is just to where.

It’s also very on brand that Kawhi is 100% packing all this shit himself. There is nothing in the world worse than moving so kudos to Kawhi for being down to not just hire this shit out. The haters will say this isn’t nearly enough boxes to move an entire house or apartment but what exactly do you think Kawhi’s home is filled with? I feel like he lives a very simple lifestyle and doesn’t waste his money on bullshit tchotchkes. The guy probably doesn’t even have a TV and just sits and stares at the wall until it’s time to fall asleep. I think he can fit some Board Man Gets Paid and Fun Guy t-shirts in those boxes, make sure to throw in his charger so he can power up while he sleeps, wrap and toss his Finals MVP trophies in there and really what else could there possibly be. In fact I would call bullshit if he was walking around with a billion boxes because that would tell me they probably weren’t even for him.

Of course this will not be the last bit of stalking we see hit the internet this free agency period, whether it’s about Kawhi or any other big time free agent. Remember we already have gone through this with Kyrie Irving, and while it’s definitely a little sad that these guys can’t just live their lives, it’s also great entertainment for the rest of us to follow and really that’s all that matters.