SHOCKER: The Knicks Draft RJ Barrett

Okay, this is not a shocker in the least considering NBA insiders have been leaking the top of the draft all day, including Marc Stein spoiling it almost FIVE HOURS ago.

But regardless, here we are. RJ Barrett is a Knick and I am happy about it. I thought there was a real chance that the Giants would drop a Daniel Jones type of curveball on our heads and pick someone else out of nowhere because that’s just what my teams have been doing lately.

Instead the Knicks did what seemed like the smart move (I know it’s crazy to say that about the Knicks) and didn’t fuck it up by chooding the guy that was the consensus number 1 prospect before Zion started treating D-I athletes like scared 5-foot white high school kids and Ja Morant did Jo Morant shit. And based on our needs, we could use a guy like Barrett, amongst other things.

I’ll admit that I mentally had kinda RJ Barrett shipped out of New York ever since the Knicks got the 3 pick since I idiotically stared at a Photohop of Anthony Davis in a Knicks jersey and tricked myself into believing an Anthony Davis trade to New York would actually happen. But RJ is here, I am happy he’s here, and he seems happy to be here.

And in case any of you aren’t sold yet, keep watching these YouTube highlights and reading these Tommy Beer stats until it does the trick.

Now lets see what the Knicks do with their 2nd round pick and if they acquire any more picks via trade/cash. And I know it’s crazy to say, but after getting Mitch Robinson in the 2nd round last year and clearing all this cap space, because myself and countless other Knicks fans seem to have complete faith in the Knicks front office right now.

God help us.