The Mets Cuncel Pitching Coach Dave Eiland And Bullpen Coach Chuck Hernandez

That’s cool, I guess. Well not actually cool, especially if you are part of the Eiland or Hernandez family. But these move were definitely not unexpected. Because as the calendar tells us, it is June. The wonderful month where school ends, summer begins, and the Mets season slowly devolves into a circus from hell before being a faint memory by August.

Now were the pitching coach and bullpen coach blameless on a team where the starters were in the middle of the pack of the NL in ERA despite a shitload of talented arms and the gasoline gang bullpen was only ahead of the Nats in ERA. Of course not. But as we know, there are bigger problems at the core of this team. As always, the buck will get passed from the players to the coaches to the manager to the GM while never landing squarely on the person who has run this franchise into the ground for years and been at the head of an organization that is a magnet for PR disasters, gross mismanagement of player injuries, and straight up refusal to act like a big market ball club in New York City.

The names change, but the result stays the same.

That being said, I fucking LOVE this idea no matter how unlikely it is.