Finnish Baseball Just Goes Harder, Player Dives Into A River To Make An Out

You think Manny Machado would ever go swimming in a river just to make an out? Heck no. Bryce Harper? Not a chance. He can’t let that hair get wet. Even a guy who played his dick off like Chase Utley would probably prefer to just stay dry and give up a run.

But in Finland? Well they just go harder than most. You don’t stop hustling until you make that fucking play. Doesn’t matter if you need to take a quick dip in the water or not. If you didn’t want to get wet, then maybe you shouldn’t have thrown the ball like a jackass in the first place. Hope you know how to swim.

By the way–I think something got lost in translation between American baseball and Finnish baseball. Because it looks like they have the general idea of what’s supposed to be going on but then went a little crazy when trying to figure out the details. Goofy Scandinavian bastards.