The Tampa Bay Rays Might Play Half Their Future Seasons In Montreal Which Could Be The Dumbest Idea In The History Of Dumb Ideas

What…I mean what does that say? That’s not from a parody Jeff Passan? That’s real actual life? The solution for the Rays after all this time is to be a two city/country team? That just can’t be real.

Imagine a board room of people trying to hash out this master plan and the best they can come up with is splitting the season in Montreal? That’s a tell tale sign of a group of people out of ideas.

Back in December I begged Major League Baseball to move them permanently to Canada. Give them a fanbase they deserve. The fans of Montreal deserve baseball back in their lives.

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I meant for the whole season you morons. How is a two city/country team going to work? What do you expect players to do with their families? Trent suggested them having two separate families which I don’t hate. How can you expect one free agent to agree to sign there? Who is willingly going to sign up for that circus? You’re basically signing up to not see your family for half the season. I guess to some players that’s not the worst idea?

Listen, it’s not my team so I can’t complain too much and it gets the Yankees out of playing some games in that shit hole we call The Trop, which is definitely a good thing, but why not move the team there permanently? The Trop’s lights shut off like once a week now.

They have cat walks all over the ceiling. Baseball wasn’t mean to be played there. It was designed for an actual circus. Get them out of there.

This is insane. The Montreal Rays of Tampa Bay might actually be a thing.