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Lil Nas X Samples The Drums From Nirvana's 'In Bloom' On His New Single

Lil Nas X put out a new single today from his upcoming EP “7” – out tonight at midnight – called ‘Panini’, and believe it or not, it samples Dave Grohl’s drums from Nirvana’s smash hit, ‘In Bloom’!

Guys…why are we saying he “interpolates” the track just because he did? What’s going on?

ANNNNYWAY, the story goes that he came up with the melody for this track in his head, somebody went, “That’s just ‘In Bloom’ by Nirvana!”, and he looked into getting a sample, which Frances Bean Cobain gave him permission to use with songwriting credit to Kurt. Kinda fucking cool that he took that route so early into his career, too, to avoid “stealing” accusations and slide away with “paying tribute” compliments, which I’m about to give up!

I’ve already seen a few idiots who don’t understand this sorta put on their rock n’ roll purist hats and dirty their diapers over the sampling, because they think it’s disrespectful to the legacy of the band or Kurt or some shit, but honestly? All he’s doing it putting more eyes on Nirvana. Millions of kids who probably know Nirvana for nothing more than their logo are now seeing Lil Nas use a Grohl sample, shout them out online, and talk to Rolling Stone about how much he’s been listening to ‘Nevermind’ since he recorded ‘Panini’. They’ll go check Nirvana out, they’ll act like they love them even if they don’t to act cool, and then it’s the cool thing to like Nirvana again. This is all great for Nirvana, and rock n’ roll as a whole.

This dude really united a country/rap audience, sampled Nine Inch Nails, sampled Nirvana, has a song on his EP that he worked on with Travis Barker…Lil Nas X is just a flat out music fan, and that’s what I appreciate about him, even if the music he makes ain’t necessarily my favorite.

If you wanna hear from someone who DOES love this dude’s music, go read my fellow Wild Boy Radio host Big Ev’s blog on the drop…