How Bout Captain Lou Albano Saying "If You Do Drugs, You'll Go To Hell Before You Die"???

First of all, I don’t give a shit what kinda hat he’s wearing and who he played on television…this is Captain Lou Albano, not Mario. C’mon now.

Secondly, though, and the meat and potatoes of what this blog is all about, how bout Lou Albano just casually dropping in a “Remember kids! If you do drugs, you’ll go to hell before you die!”?!?! What the heck was up with that? I’m picturing everyone in that filming room completely and totally perplexed at what just hit them. Going to hell, I mean…harsh. Going to hell before you die, though?! What happens WHEN you die, then?! You go to an even worse hell?! Or maybe you just stay in hell? Also, just a side note – this motherfucker DEFINITELY did drugs. RIP and all that but homeboy was probably coked up as he said this!

Just kind of an insane sentence that I felt the need to blog. Hope you’re having a good day.