Here's The NHL20 Trailer Featuring A New Cover Boy And New Featured Voice

Not a big deal.

I had no idea this was dropping last night. I heard that some Spittin’ Chiclets audio might get used but nothing about where or when. So hearing my own soothing voice during the NHL Awards last night was jarring as hell but also pretty sweet, too.

My history of playing hockey on video game consoles goes back to Nintendo Ice Hockey, where you had to pick guys based on their diet. Then I moved onto Blades Of Steel, which was a huge improvement on prior games.

Then the real game-changer arrived, NHLPA ’93 on the Sega Genesis. EA Sports’ second issue of an NHL game was pretty sick. This game had all the player names and a style of play heretofore unseen in gaming. A year later, hockey video games peaked with NHL ’94. This version added the one-timer and team names to make it the most legit way to play simulated arcade hockey. I spent so much of my college years playing as Tkachuk/Zhamnov/Selanne that I should’ve gotten a minor in Prairie Studies.

But never during these various game eras did I ever think my big mouth would end up on a trailer for a game in the future. I can’t remember which episode they pulled my quote from but I was talking about the youth of today’s NHL and how they’re not as hamstrung as previous generations when it comes to showing their personalities. I always wanted to be used for a movie blurb but this is even better.

And congrats to our pal Auston Matthews on being selected as this year’s cover boy. Keep that anti-establishment streak going.