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Lil Nas X Has Finally Dropped A New Song And Is Dropping His Debut Project At Midnight


Lil Nas X has finally dropped new music after milking the living shit out of Old Town Road for the last 6 months and I don’t blame him for a god damn second. He caught a banger with more buzz and momentum surrounding it than any song thats ever came out in the streaming era.

It’s been number 1 on the charts for 10 weeks in a row and has shattered the record for most streams in a week including 8 of the 10 highest streaming weeks of all time. Truly insane what Lil Nas X has done off one song.

Now we have Lil Nas X’s newest song out now called ‘Panini” that is out now on all major streaming platforms

A great follow up to Old Town Road and a big sign of what’s to come for his music going forward. He’s not a rapper. He’s not a country star. I envision Lil Nas X becoming more of a pop star than anything else. I think he has a versatile sound and a creative mind that thinks way outside the box. He sampled Nirvana for ‘Panini’ and even has Travis Barker producing a song on the EP called “7”.

This thread above has all the snippets of songs he’s dropping on the EP tonight or as singles or on his album coming up probably towards the end of this year. A lot of really good snippets in their and gives the clear indication in his musical directional not having much direction and instead being all over the map in terms of style, flow and theme.

Lil Nas X has built such a massive following for himself with his genius use of social media and marketing that he’s not leaving the public eye anytime soon. What carries his music career into the future I believe will be partly the younger part of the millennial generation but more than anything, Generation Z. The super young crowd is absolutely obsessed with him and I think that is going to continue with him as he rises through the ranks. Look at this video of an elementary school going INSANE to Old Town Road. Singing every single word. All the kids still in school are going to be a massive part of Lil Nas X’s success. As a kid born in 1999 he is able to relate the most to them with his internet savvy and sound. He essentially became one of the biggest names in music off of one single song. But one thing I am ready to claim and the world should too. Lil Nas X is NOT a one hit wonder. My guy is here to stay!