Dwayne Wade Buries The Haters Who Shit On Him For Supporting His Son During Miami Pride

Source -  Retired NBA star Dwyane Wade has responded to the criticism he received for supporting his son’s participation in the annual Miami Beach Pride march earlier this spring.

The 17-year veteran sat down with Variety to explain the importance of supporting 12-year-old Zion in all that he does.

“This is my job as a father,” Wade said. “I’m very uneasy about accolades that come from supporting my kids or the negativity that comes from it. I’m doing what every parent should do.”

In April, Wade shared photos of his family at the Miami Pride parade while traveling on the road with the Heat.

“We support each other with Pride!” Wade wrote on Instagram.

I don’t think I need to post the hate he’s referring to, but it’s so hilariously predictable that I’m going to give you a taste.

That’s all you get. The bottom line is that Dwayne Wade was/is/continues to be the man. I hated him during his playing days because he used to crush the Celtics, but you always got the sense that he was a good dude. This interview proves that. He’s publicly sticking up for his son and in the process showing his true character. He could’ve easily stayed quiet and had a few cocktails on his boat, but he didn’t.

He spoke up and set an example for not only his son, but for every other athlete with a platform on what it means to do the right thing. Well done. Suck on that, haters.

PS: It’s old, but watch this if you haven’t already.