New Orleans Is Ready For Zion With This 82 Inch Box Of Chicken From Popeyes



Hell yeah New Orleans, go nuts. Not only did you win the Lottery and land the biggest prospect since LeBron, but you also managed to bring back a pretty damn impressive haul for Anthony Davis so why not celebrate both of those achievements with a shit ton of tasty chicken. This “Wingspan Box” matches Zion’s recorded wingspan of 6’10 and comes with 77 boneless wings, 11 biscuits, 11 servings of fries all for the low price of $74.69. You can only get this tomorrow at their Canal Street location in NO, but something tells me they are going to sell a crap ton of these bad boys. I mean let’s not forget how jacked everyone is about Zion

and frankly I’m all for these sort of promotions. Why not? As long as Zion gets his box at a later date since he probably won’t be in NO tomorrow I see no problem with it. If you’re a Pelicans fan why not spend the next few days doing nothing but watching Zion highlights and getting food drunk off some delicious chicken. There are certainly worse ways to live.

Between getting a massive return for AD, the new savior coming to town and now more chicken than you can handle, the Zion Era is certainly off to a good start