Are You A Celtics Fan Who Is Bummed About Their Current Situation? Click This Blog

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Listen there’s no way to sugarcoat it, Celtics fans far and wide have been getting their shit pushed in on the internet over the last 24 hours with little to no lube. Comes with the territory I suppose, but everywhere you look people are coming with their blazing hot takes, jokes, you name it you can find it. Of course this is making its way to the hot take talk shows

and trolls from other fanbases like the Cavs, Sixers, Lakers, etc are getting all their jokes off and it can be hard at times to not get triggered by it. We can all admit things haven’t exactly gone according to plan, and while it may be a little silly to have this sky is falling mentality and that the Celtics are completely fucked and left with nothing, chances are you may be like me and are in need of a little pick me up after having to deal with this shit on the internet all day.

So that’s why it is my responsibility to do all I can and help give you as a Celtics fan a reason to believe and I have just the thing. In times like these it’s only right we turn to our GOAT @Timi_093. If you read my blogs you should recognize the name, he’s the best in the business and perhaps the whole world at putting together Celtics clips. Danny Ainge has made it clear the plan is to ride with our two young studs in Jaylen Brown/Jayson Tatum and the best way to visualize what Plan J looks like is to see it for yourself. Do yourself a favor and hit play

I don’t know about you but I just completed by 200th watch of this bad boy and I feel better than ever. Can’t even hear the trolls in my mentions or the ones that will surely comment on this blog. If it helped me I’m certain it will help you if you’re still feeling a little down about how things have developed, and do yourself a favor and bookmark it for future use.

But if you need a little more, I got you