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Wake Up With Jim Thome Hitting A Ball Clear Out Of Jacobs Field
Country strong, that is what Jim Thome is. The only evidence you need to see is this home run that looks like it was filmed on a potato. Even though we don't have great quality, it's clear he put a charge into this one. Ball is absolutely crushed to dead center. Not only did it go over the fence, it went over the fence leading to outside the park. That ball never touched any part of Jacobs Field, think about that. Thome made sure that it landed clear on the street right behind the park which is easily over 500 feet away. They just don't make them like Jim anymore, just a massive guy who was put on this earth to obliterate baseballs. Not a real conventional swing too, but he made it look damn good. Thome is a great guy to waste some time on Youtube with.