Build A Statue For Kentucky's Star WR That Faked A Sickness So He Could Avoid Visiting Urban Meyer And Ohio State

Well, this is the best thing I’ve read all day. Nay, this is the best thing I’ve read all offseason. Kentucky’s star wide receiver/do-it-all/return guy straight up ignoring Ohio State and Urban Meyer after committing to Kentucky.

I mean, the irony is perfect. Someone faking a sickness, cough cough

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And now you can say that, oh, sure Ohio State is better than Kentucky. I’m not going to debate that (just yet). But Bowden is a legend at Kentucky. H’e’s a major part in rebuilding the Kentucky and getting it to 10 wins and beating Penn State. At Ohio State, he’d just be a guy.

Plus, you’d be a fool not to buy into Kentucky. If you don’t just know that Vince Marrow will kick your ass

“I’m knocking down doors to national media because these guys are really pissing me off,” Marrow said. “It’s pissing me off.”

“I was listening to Tom Leach and, those guys — I should stop listening to radio. I guess they said Terry was the last rated QB in the preseason? We should start a poll, and I’m going to talk to the BBN, just like coaches get fired for wins and losses, when all these reporters come out and say, hey, this team is going 4-8 and this team ain’t gonna do that. If they’re wrong, they should get fired.”

So, yeah, Lynn Bowden made the right decision in running away from Meyer. He made the right decision in avoiding Ohio State. Build the statue right this second.

Live look at Lynn Bowden getting as far away as possible from Urban Meyer: