The MLB Umpires Association Just Sent Out The Best Tweet Of All Time In Response To Manny Machado's Suspension

Over the weekend Manny Machado was ejected for his tirade against home plate umpire Bill Welke. As a result, he received a one game suspension for going nuts and making contact with Welke. Here’s the ejection.

Yeah, I mean we’ve seen that kind of flip out a million times in baseball. He accidentally made contact with the ump which is always an auto suspension. Whatever, that’s not the story here. The real gold came today when we got the greatest tweet ever unleashed upon our eyes. It will never be topped. Apparently there’s a verified MLB umpires twitter account out there and they’re not happy in the slightest with Mr. Machado.

That’s it, that’s the number one tweet ever. Nothing can ever top it. #Disappointed #MakeAnExampleOf #OneGameSuspension #TemperTantrum. Just gold. And the only person tagged being Buster Olney? Incredible. You have to imagine Joe West runs this account right? Just some guy in his 70s or 80s with no sense of reality. No idea what hashtags mean. Just nothing going on in that brain anymore. I NEED to know who runs this account. I need more of these tweets. Anytime someone argues with an umpire for now on, not even a suspension, I need this hashtag tornado unleashed into the world.