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Weezy Wednesdays: I'm Me (The Leak)

It’s Weezy Wednesday and we’ve got a crowd pleaser here folks. A wise man once said “You gotta give the people what they want” so I had no choice but to pull up with some fire for this glorious Weezy Wednesday.

Let’s not let it slip our minds that The Leak was all supposed to be songs on Tha Carter III but got leaked so he released all the leaked songs as a mixtape and completely started over fresh on what went on to become a Grammy winning album. If we’re being real here it would have won a Grammy regardless of him using the originals songs or not, but this was at a period of time when Lil Wayne was incapable of missing. The shit he was excreting out of his asshole was turning into 14K gold. He had people waiting around their computers with their dicks in their hands not even to jerk off just to see when his feature was dropping on some nobodies song because you knew at least his verse was gonna be insane.

It’s amazing the way a song can make you feel. I was in middle school rapping my ass off along in my room like “I know that ain’t far, but I don’t care I’m a mothafuckin’ cash money millionaire!” when lord knows I didn’t have two nickels to rub together. Weezy’s bars were so fire for a moment I actually thought I was rich. HAH! Me, rich? What a world.

*Lighter flick* **inhales**