Michigan's Baseball Coach On His College World Series Team: "We Just Think Our Roster Should Look Like The United States of America"

“Well, we just think our roster should look like the United States of America. We target a lot of inner city kids. There’s a lot of great athletes out there and think it’s ridiculous the cost of travel ball and some of the showcases. It negates opportunities for a lot of kids. For us, we want to have a diverse roster and want to provide as many opportunities for kids all over the country that we can.”


I think I love Michigan’s baseball head coach? I mean, saying your baseball team resembles the United States of America is just fucking awesome. Is it a bit hardo-y? Sure, but I still love it. Michigan’s cinderella team this year is full of diversity. They’re full of inner city kids. And they win baseball games. Their pitcher Tommy Henry casually tossed a complete game shut piece in the CWS last night against FSU. Credit to me for taking them +130.

I don’t have a dog in the fight down in Omaha, but I’m down to root for a Cinderella team like Michigan.