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Bynes With Her Craziest Move Yet - Removes Her Implants

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Radar Online – Amanda Bynes is suffering from the painful price of plastic surgery after having another cosmetic operation — to REMOVE her breast implants, the former child actress tells The 27-year-old regretted having had the boob job she infamously flaunted in a photo she posted on Twitter wearing only a bra in May. “I got my breast implants removed,” Bynes confirmed via email to Radar. “They were uncomfortable… I prefer them out.” has learned the headline-grabbing ex-Nickelodeon star went under the knife in early June to try and return to a more natural look — an A cup. But she suffered a post-surgery complication, a source revealed. “A tube got lodged in her breast and Amanda was in pain,” an insider close to Bynes revealed. “But she is much better now and even told me, ‘They look amazing without the implants!’”

Throwing bongs out windows. Calling Rihanna ugly. Going on bi-polar twitter rants. All of that pales in comparison to removing the implants in her Bynesbags. Those bombs were like the perfect symbols of Bynes’ meltdown – fake and weird and shocking but intriguing and you want to see more. I think that Bynes’ tits may have been like her life force. Like the source of her craziness. It all stemmed from that silicon. Don’t be surprised if she just goes back to normal and doesn’t remember anything about her meltdown. Like Sigourney Weaver when she was possessed by Zulu in Ghostbusters.

And now it looks like she may have passed those implants on to Courtney Stodden. Expect a celebrity meltdown from Stodden now that she’s got Bynes’ crazy tits inside her. Its like that movie with Denzel “Fallen.” Except instead of an ancient demonic spirit being passed form person to person its a pair of fake tits being passed from no talent starlet to no talent starlet.



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