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Workout Melo Is Back And Ready To Join The Lakers

Let’s goooooo. Workout Melo is one of my favorite offseason traditions and it’s not even close. You may remember the monster that was Hoodie Melo a few summers ago

and then back in April we were blessed with Beanie Melo, and if you think it’s a coincidence that this video just came out amidst all the Lakers news and their need to fill their roster after the Anthony Davis trade well you my friend aren’t paying attention. He saw all those names in the deal and immediately grabbed his camera and went to the gym knowing this was the moment he’s been waiting for. Especially if Anthony Davis does not waive his trade kicker and the Lakers will have to take that cap space and spread it out for depth instead of lumping it all in on one star player. You know what that roster needs right now? Shooting. What was Melo doing in that video? Raining threes. Throw in the banana boat connection with LeBron and we should be expecting the Woj bomb any minute.

In terms of the actual video, I love it. No cardio, no running to each spot, just a casual stroll to each location before getting buckets. We all know that’s how Melo wants to play anyway at this stage of his career. With all the attention on LeBron and Davis I feel like this could work, just put Melo in a situation where he doesn’t have to move and who knows maybe it doesn’t turn out like each of his previous two spots where it was a complete and utter disaster. As the kids say, the tape don’t lie. It really goes to show you too, while Melo may be extremely washed when it comes to NBA level basketball, these dudes are still so fucking good. You sometimes forget that even the worst player on a roster would still be the best player you ever saw in the gym.

So the guy shot 40/32% last season and really hasn’t shot the ball well in two years, you’re kidding yourself if you don’t think this video and many more like it have made their way to Rob Pelinka’s office. Maybe his agent is trying to spinzone things saying Melo doesn’t have as many miles on his legs because he missed basically the entire season last year. I’m sure it will only take the minimum to bring him in, and as we know all LeBron has to do is say he wants it to happen and it’ll happen. All I know is I am here for Workout Melo, and if history is any indication someone is going to take the cheese.