Flight Attendant Goes Flying In The Best Turbulence Video Since The First Episode Of LOST

Oh my god that flight attendant went absolutely FLYING. What a video. I can’t get enough of it. Usually when there are turbulence videos it’s just a bit shaky, someone’s palms are sweaty, and very rarely is there vomit on their sweater already. But this one was the complete and utter opposite. Water raining down from the heavens, forks and knives going off like a grenade, masks dropping down from the ceiling, it was everything you wanted and more. I thought for sure the camera was going to pan and we would see fat Hugo and John Locke. It was that good of a video.

And here’s a take- if my plane is going to have turbulence, I’d want it to be like this. Now, I’m not saying I *want* turbulence because I could live without ladies shrieking as if that is going to stop the plane from taking a nose dive into the ocean, but if we are going to have some, I want it to be like this. I want to feel like I’m on an old wooden roller coaster at Kings Dominion. Because if I’m going to feel sick as hell, at least lets have something ridiculous happen like a flight attendant going flying like she just looked at Chris Brown the wrong way.



PS: RIP Charlie. Never forget.