A couple of Hogs get married in Nebraska

So this happened. On Saturday, a couple hours before the University of Arkansas played in the College World Series for the second straight year, two diehard Razorbacks fans decided to get married.

Isn’t that sweet.

In January, Kellie Diedrich jokingly told her boyfriend, Seth Brown, they should get married at an Arkansas game should the Razorbacks return to the College World Series.

That joke turned into a reality Saturday in front of the Road to Omaha statue outside TD Ameritrade Park prior to Arkansas’ opener against Florida State, which it lost 1-0.

Listen, I’m a self-aware guy. I’m from Mississippi and I’m an SEC fan. I get it. College fandom just hits different down here. Sometimes it doesn’t make too much sense. And while I’m not going to rake these two over the coals and slather them in delicious barbecue sauce over this, I will say that watching two grown people do the Woo Pig Sooie chant during their wedding was amazing. Hell, after my wife upgrades and I have to marry a much uglier woman the second time around, I might do the same thing.

And one last thing. Any woman that would willingly get married at a sporting event while wearing her team’s colors is a keeper.

But again, I’m from Mississippi and a diehard Mississippi State fan. We ring cowbells. I’m not going to make fun of this too much.

But I won’t stop you from making fun of it.