Who Had The Better Parade Chug - Marc Gasol With A Bottle Of Wine Or Drake With Beer?

Yesterday was parade day, obviously. We had a bunch of blogs about it, but I’ve been debating this for the last few hours. It’s become a tradition of sorts during parades. Get some alcohol and chug it on camera.

Whether it was TJ Oshie

Gronk, a bunch of times

And of course Jared Carrabis

But back to yesterday. We had Drake vs Marc Gasol. Again, let’s look at the contestants here:

First off, I’m a bit shocked at Drake’s ability here. Doesn’t seem like a guy who would sit there and chug a beer. But, again he just won an NBA title so who knows how much that helped.

But, I can’t stop watching Marc Gasol who had himself a hell of a time at the parade. I’m not sure exactly what type of wine that is – need someone to figure that out for me. But, Gasol really just showing LeBron how it’s done. This is how you drink wine. You take a bottle, get on a championship parade and chug it. None of this on Instagram shit.

So, who you got? I’m voting Marc.